Shannon Ggem is a Renaissance Woman: Designing From the Ground Up

Shannon is a designer with many talents, and a backstory that led to the backbone of her design business. To refer to Shannon as an interior designer is only half of it. She began her career as a project superintendent in the construction industry before turning her attention to not only design, but also being an expert in renovation and architectural preservation. She is an award-winning designer who has been featured on HGTV, ABC, NBC, as well as the BBC and a plethora of publications, from Forbes to Country Living.

Shannon doesn’t just know design, she thoroughly understands construction, as well as architecture, and how to combine those three elements for the best effect for her clients.  She says, “I understand the process from the beginning to completion. I anticipate what a contractor is going to need due to my years in construction. I have hands on experience literary from the ground up.” Shannon Ggem Design Co. opened its doors just 14 years ago, and in that short amount of time she has made her mark on the Southern California landscape with her ability and versatility, from new builds, to updating Mid-Century modern homes to impeccably refurbished Spanish revival villas as well as Craftsman Bungalows.

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“WDC values their trade pros. They appreciate us. The trade discounts enticed me to become a Sapphire member, and the customer service has made me so glad I did.”

Shannon Ggem

She became a preferred Sapphire Partner with WDC during the pandemic, in 2020, just two years ago. She relies on WDC to offer the appliances and fixtures that will make her designs shine and her clients happy.

Shannon’s showroom of choice is the WDC Agoura location, two stories filled with everything for the kitchen and bath, where she takes her clients to see and feel potential purchases.

“I love WDC’s Agoura showroom, the whole showroom experience is fantastic – plus the great sales pros are so knowledgeable and well trained on each brand. I really make use of their support, and the support is always there.”

Shannon Ggem

Shannon has her favorite WDC sales professionals, along with her favorite brands. “I work a lot with Jacqui Rose for kitchen appliances because she’s just wonderful. For bathroom fixtures, I work with Greg and Luanne because they are both so great and know so much. My go-to brands happen to be Thermador for the kitchen, and for bathroom remodels, I love Rohl and Watermark. All those brands are quality, stylish and distinctive. I adore it when it all comes together in one brand.”

Shannon was kind enough to give us some tips on when you’re in the market for an interior designer… “Be sure that you like spending time with the person you hire, because interior designers need to know so many things about you, and if you’re going to be part of the design process, you’re going to be with them at showrooms for many hours.”

She also offered up some pointers to keep in mind for your next kitchen remodel…“Your range hood can make or break the outcome of your kitchen, inappropriate hoods can ruin a good kitchen design.  A beautiful architectural range hood can add interest and aesthetic value, but if they get it wrong, it can spell disaster. When done right, range hoods can create harmony, and can make your range the star of your kitchen.”

Shannon is also a specialist in Biophila principles used in home design. She noted, “Biophila is an important trend – it embraces nature as the cornerstone of the home’s atmosphere. It’s the use of organic, textural, and natural design elements integrated into the space, creating a tranquil and peaceful environment for beauty and wellness. It’s an honor to incorporate Biophila into my designs because it adds so much to any location, as well as my client’s day-to-day lives.”

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